K9 Mask® Colors Clean Breathe Dog Air Pollution Muzzle Filter Mask
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Video K9 Mask® Air Filter Face Smoke Mask for Dogs
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K9 Mask® Colors Clean Breathe Dog Air Pollution Muzzle Filter Features
K9 Mask® Colors Clean Breathe Dog Air Pollution Filter Mask
K9 Mask® Clean Breathe Active Carbon Air Filter Layer Features
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &
K9 Mask® for Dogs with &

K9 Mask® for Dogs with 'Clean Breathe' Active Carbon Air Filters - Colors

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Protecting Dogs From Air Quality Threats


  • (1) K9 Mask® for a dog.
  • (3) pack PM10+ 'Clean Breathe' air filters with active carbon included.

What Makes K9 Mask® with 'Clean Breathe' Air Filters Effective?

  • Active carbon layer bonds with chemical air pollution molecules reducing health threats.
  • PM10+ large particle filter captures dust, ash, lint, soot, ozone, and pollen.
  • Reduces ozone by 90%.
  • Filters 99% of visible airborne particles.
  • Panting exhale valve releases exhaled air, moisture, and heat from panting.
  • Replaceable air filters for high quality filtration.
  • Washable mask for freshness.

    Effective Design for the Unique Needs of a Dog:

    • Light weight flexible mesh mask for comfort.
    • Two adjustable straps to keep the mask tight against a dog’s neck and muzzle to improve air filtration.
    • Neck strap adjusts for a secure fit with flexible head movement.
    • Muzzle strap adjusts to the size of a dog's snout to prevent air pollution from entering the back side of the mask.

    Best Use for "Clean Breathe" Air Filters in a K9 Mask®:

    • PM10+ large particle and active carbon filters for dust, ash, lint, soot, ozone, and pollen.
    • Easier to breathe with a longer wear time on a dog compared to a K9 Mask® N95 "Extreme Breathe" air filters.

    How Long Can My Dog Wear the K9 Mask® Using a 'Clean Breathe' (CLN) Air Filter?

    • We recommend using each air filter up to four hours. However, depending on large particle air conditions, moisture levels, or excessive dirt in the filter it might be necessary to replace the air filter sooner.
    • Prolonged use can affect a dog's natural ability to cool itself through panting especially at temperatures of 80°(F) 26°(C) or higher. This mask is intended to be used for a short duration and under close supervision. Be cautious using for more than 30 minutes at a time. After 30 minutes you may remove the mask for several minutes to check the breathing and panting of your dog then continue wearing the K9 Mask®.
    • Always visually monitor your dog while wearing the K9 Mask®. If you notice labored breathing or signs of overheating remove the mask immediately. This mask may cause injury or death to your dog.

    Will the K9 Mask® Work as a Muzzle for My Dog?

    • The K9 Mask® does work as a muzzle. However, the primary function of the mask is to protect the dog from air pollution.

    K9 Mask® Air Filters are Independently Verified for Effectiveness?

    • K9 Mask® air filters have been certified by Blue Heaven Technologies in Louisville, Kentucky, USA with an ISO 16890 (International Organization for Standardization) air filter test.

    How to Insert the Air Filter into the K9 Mask®.

    Open the zipper on the top of the mask. Insert the air filter into mask with the dark side on top and white side on the bottom. Place the curve edge of the filter facing the nose of the mask. Align the air filter inside the mask so all edges of the air filter fit against the sides of the mask. Close the zipper on the mask.

    How to Insert Air Filter Smoke Gas Mask Air Filter into K9 Mask®

    Having trouble inserting the air filter into the K9 Mask? Go to our FAQ page for how to insert air filters video.

    How to Secure the K9 Mask® on a Dog's Muzzle to Keep Polluted Air from Being Inhaled.

    K9 Masks® are effective when they are worn properly. Using the K9 Mask® muzzle adjustment under the snout of a dog a pet owner is able to adjust the tension on the mask to significantly reduce polluted air from leaking into the mask. This ensures only air passing through the air filter is being inhaled by the dog.

    How to effectively put an air filter smoke gas air filter face mask on a dog with K9 Mask®

    How Do I Train My Dog to Wear the K9 Mask®?

    Training your dog to wear the K9 Mask® involves pairing a positive stimulus with wearing the mask.

    • Present the mask to your dog and let the dog smell it.
    • Try adding a snack treat inside the mask for your dog to sniff and retrieve. This process gives a positive reinforcement about the mask.
    • Try putting the mask on your dog’s muzzle for a few seconds, while giving verbal affirmation to your dog, to acclimate it to the mask.
    • Repeat this sequence several times, working towards securing the mask in place around the dog’s neck and muzzle using the hook and loop tabs.
    • Provide positive verbal feedback to the dog about wearing the mask.

    Having trouble getting your dog to wear the K9 Mask? Go to our video: Introducing your dog to the K9 Mask®.

    How to train your dog to wear an air filter mask by K9 Mask®

    How to Choose the Right Size K9 Mask® for a Dog

    K9 Mask® Sizing Chart Fit Guide for Dog Air Filter Face Gas Mask
      • The most important measurement is the Muzzle Circumference size.
      • If you do not have a flexible measuring tape, you can use a shoelace or phone charging cable to make your measurements. Then use a ruler or metal measuring tape to get the measurement.
      • If your dog is in between Muzzle Circumference sizes, we recommend getting the larger size mask for better panting space in the mask.
      K9 Mask® Size Muzzle Circumference Muzzle Length


      4.5-6.5 in

      11.5-16.5 cm

      1.6-2.8 in

      4.0-7.0 cm


      7.0-9.0 in

      17.5-23.0 cm

      2.8-4.3 in

      7-11 cm


      9.0-13.0 in

      23.0-33.0 cm

      3.7-4.7 in

      9.5-12 cm

      Extra Large

      13.0-17.5 in

      33.0-45.0 cm

      4.5-5.9 in

      11.5-15.0 cm

      SMALL K9 MASK®

      • Muzzle Length: 1.6-2.8 inches (4.0-7.0 cm)
      • Muzzle Circumference: 4.5-6.5 inches (11.5-16.5 cm)
      • Breed Examples: Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu, Miniature Pinscher, Miniature Schnauzer. (Breeds which tend to be too small to wear this size mask: Toy Chihuahua, Brussels Griffon, Papillon.)


      • Muzzle Length: 2.8-4.3 inches (7-11 cm)
      • Muzzle Circumference: 7.0-9.0 inches (17.5-23.0 cm)
      • Breed Examples: Spaniel, Schnauzer, Fox Terrier, Pinscher.

      LARGE K9 MASK®

      • Muzzle Length: 3.7-4.7 inches (9.5-12 cm)
      • Muzzle Circumference: 9.0-13.0 inches (23.0-33.0 cm)
      • Breed Examples: German Shepherd (small), Pointer, Dalmatian, Setter, Labrador, Retriever, Husky.


      • Muzzle Length: 4.5-5.9 inches (11.5-15.0 cm)
      • Muzzle Circumference: 13.0-17.5 inches (33.0-45.0 cm)
      • Breed Examples: German Shepherd (big), Newfoundland, Mastiff.

      FLAT FACED DOGS (Brachycephalic)

      • We do not currently have K9 Mask® sizes for flat faced (Brachycephalic) dogs like (Pug, Pekingese, Bulldog, etc.). However, we continue our research and development to find solutions for these dog breeds.

      Washing the K9 Mask® for Dogs:

      Yes, the exterior mask is washable. Dogs tend to slobber when breathing or panting so we designed the K9 Mask to be washable to keep it fresh and clean for long-term use.

      The replaceable air filters, which you take in and out of the mask, are NOT washable. Before washing the K9 Mask® remove the air filter.

      The exterior mask may be washed in cold water with detergent and then hang to air dry.

      Returns & Exchanges:
      We have a 30 day return & exchange policy.

      Returns to Good Air Team, the name of our company, for a K9 Mask® are available for products sold on the K9mask.com website. If you purchased your K9 Mask® through other retail or online sources you must return the product to the store where it was purchased.

      Order Refunds
      To be eligible for a refund, your item must be in a similar condition to being new. We know you are going to try it on your dog and dogs are messy. Dogs are fidgety so we understand it might not be 100% perfect when you return it. Please include the original packing slip for your order, or a written note including the order #, about wanting a refund for your purchase. All clearance 'scratch and paw' sales are final. No refunds or exchanges are available for clearance item purchases. 

      Exchange Size
      If you need to exchange a size please return the product with the original packing slip, or a written note including the order #, about the new size you are requesting for exchange.

      How to Return Your Product for a Refund or Exchange:
      Please include the original packing slip, or a note with your name, order #, and reason for your refund or exchange. If you are requesting an exchange for a size indicate the new size and current shipping address in your note.

      You are responsible to pay for the shipping cost of your product for a refund or exchange to our office.

      Mail to:

         Good Air Team

         8911 Bridgewood Trail

         Austin, TX  78729

         United States

      The original order shipping costs are non-refundable. You should consider using a trackable shipping service to verify delivery of the return to our office.

      Processing Details
      Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. If you are approved, then your refund or exchange will be processed. A credit will be applied to your original method of payment within several days for all refunds.

      Late or Missing Refunds (if applicable)
      If you have not received a refund after returning your purchase please contact us at info@goodairteam.com.

      Questions? Call or Text Us.
      (877) 364-6275 

      Questions? Email Us.

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