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    K9 Dog Pollution Air Filter Mask Questions and Answers FAQ


    K9 Mask Frequently Asked Questions

    The patent pending 'World’s First' pollution mask specifically designed for dogs. Climate change is creating a dryer warmer climate resulting in dramatic ecological events including wildfires, dust storms, volcanic activity, hurricanes, and other events which negatively affect the air we breathe. Prepare your pets to breathe pure air with our Pure Air X1 Dog Pollution Mask. 

    What Makes K9 Mask Unique

    We created the 'Original' dog air filter mask designed to deliver the perfect balance of breathability and protection from air pollution.

    K9 Mask Air Filter Muzzle Dust Smoke Mask
    PM 2.5 filter  

    Filters out the smallest harmful particles in the air (smaller than the width of a human hair).

    N95+ rated filter

    Filters up to 95% of non-oil based particulate air matter. Rating standards of FDA and CDC (Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention) NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health).

    Low breathing resistance

    Easy air intake for resting or panting.

    Activated carbon filter

    Bonds with harmful air molecules reducing toxins.

    Exhale valve

    Releases heat and moisture from panting.


    Innovative Style and Design

    Creating the perfect balance between superior mask functionality and style for today’s eco conscious pet owners. The first air pollution mask specifically designed for the shape of a dog's muzzle.

    K9 Mask Innovative Urban Style Dog Air Pollution Mask

     Superior Protection and Comfort

    • Easy flex spacer mesh for softness
    • Various muzzle sizes with flex fit adjustments to control air flow
    • Durable design use in extreme environments
    • Disposable filters for freshness and high-quality filtration every use

    Visibility in Low Light Conditions

    • Reflector panels on the sides of mask for dark or dimly lit environments.

    Canine Air Pollution Muzzle Mask

    Designed in Austin, Texas, USA

    Research and product testing done by dogs we love. We are committed to caring for your pet like it is our own. K9 Masks are designed in Austin, Texas, USA.


    1. How do I find the right size K9 Mask for my dog?

    K9 Mask Dog Pollution Air Filter Fit Size Guide

    K9 Mask Fit Size Pictures


    2. What are common reasons to use a K9 Mask?

    • We advise people to use a K9 Mask when dogs are in environments with smoke from wildfires, smog from industry, high vehicle emissions in urban centers, dust storms in dry regions, ash from volcanoes, mold from moisture, fumes from paint, allergies from pollenating vegetation, or high bacteria counts.
    Wildfire Smoke Effecting Dog and Pet Health
    Air Pollution Problem Growing for Pets and Dogs


    3. How to insert the air filter into the K9 Mask.

    Open the zipper on the top of the mask. Insert the air filter into mask with the dark side on top and white side on the bottom. Place the curve edge of the filter facing the nose of the mask. Align the air filter inside the mask so all edges of the air filter fit against the sides of the mask. Close the zipper on the mask.

    Insert N95 air filter into K9 Dog Pollution Mask

    Having trouble inserting the air filter into the K9 Mask? Go to our FAQ page for air filters.

    4. How do I train my dog to wear the K9 Mask?

    Training your dog to wear the Pure Air X-1 K9 mask involves pairing a positive stimulus with wearing the mask.

    • Present the mask to your dog and let the dog smell it.
    • Try adding a snack treat inside the mask for your dog to sniff and retrieve. This process gives a positive reinforcement about the mask.
    • Try putting the mask on your dog’s muzzle for a few seconds, while giving verbal affirmation to your dog, to acclimate it to the mask.
    • Repeat this sequence several times, working towards securing the mask in place around the dog’s neck and muzzle using the hook and loop tabs.
    • Provide positive verbal feedback to the dog about wearing the mask.
    K9 Mask Muzzle Fit Adjustment


    5. Can I wash the K9 Mask? 

    • Yes, the exterior mask is washable. The replaceable N95 with PM2.5 air filters which you take in and out of the mask are not washable. Dogs tend to slobber when breathing or panting so we designed the K9 Mask to be washable to keep it fresh and clean for long-term use.
    • Note: Before washing the K9 Mask remove the air filter and exhaust valve. The mask may be washed in cold water with detergent and then hang to air dry. 
    K9 Mask Replacement Exhaust Valve Instructions
    To Remove Exhaust Valve:
    Start by holding the valve on the outside of the mask in one hand. With your other hand reach inside the mask and grab the center handle of the valve. Turn the valve on the inside of the mask counter clockwise to release it from the front of the valve.
    To Reinstall or Replace Exhaust Valve:
    Place the front of the valve on the front of the mask over the opening in the nose. On the inside of the mask insert the back of the valve onto the front valve by aligning the open tabs on the front valve with the extended plastic tabs on back of the valve. Twist the back of the valve on the inside of the mask clockwise to lock the valve into place.

        6. How long can my dog wear the K9 Mask using an air filter?

        • We recommend using each air filter up to four hours. However, depending on large particle air conditions, moisture levels, or excessive dirt in the filter it might be necessary to replace the air filter sooner.
        • WARNING: Designed for temporary use only.
          • Designed for temporary use only. Prolonged use can affect a dog's natural ability to cool itself through panting especially at temperatures of 80° (F) or higher. This mask is intended to be used for a short duration and under close supervision. Do not use more than 10 minutes at a time. After 10 minutes you may remove the mask for several minutes to check the breathing and panting of your dog then continue wearing the K9 Mask. Always visually monitor your dog while wearing the K9 Mask. If you notice labored breathing or signs of overheating remove the mask immediately. This mask may cause injury or death to your dog. Please consult your veterinarian about the health of your dog before using this air filter product.

        7. What do vets say about air filter masks for dogs?

        • We are talking to veterinarians about the use of K9 Masks for dogs in poor air quality environments. We are also researching the breathability of dogs wearing the K9 Mask using a pulse oximeter. The pulse oximeter measures the amount of oxygen circulating in the blood. This research will help set guidelines for safely using a K9 Mask. We are also concerned about over heating. Dogs release heat through panting. If anything restricts a dogs ability to pant it can cause overheating in a dog and a potential for heat stroke. 

          8. How long can I use each replaceable filter in the K9 Mask?

          • Effectively using each air filter depends on many factors such as the pollution level, length of use, and moisture level in the mask. 
          • Note: We recommend using each air filter up to four hours. However, depending on large particle air conditions, moisture levels, or excessive dirt in the filter it might be necessary to replace the air filter sooner.

          9. Will the K9 Mask work as a muzzle for my dog?

          • The K9 Mask does work as a muzzle. This is a secondary purpose for the K9 Mask. The primary function of the mask is to protect the dog from polluted air. However, the K9 Mask functions to muzzle a dog from barking and biting. During the anxiety of a wildfire, or other extreme weather events, dogs become anxious. A dog wearing the K9 Mask as a muzzle is useful to protect the dog and those around it in these environments.

            10. Does the K9 Mask work when it is wet or raining?

            • We do not recommend using the the K9 Mask in the rain. A wet air filter will restrict a dog's ability to breathe through the air filter. The good news about rain is that it is helpful in cleaning polluted air. Often times rain is able to bond to dust and toxic particles in the air that make air pollution worse. During and after a rain the air quality generally improves. 

            11. How can I share K9 Mask information with other people?

            • Share with people who you believe need to be informed about the need to protect dogs from air pollution. You can advocate for the health of dogs by sharing the good news about the K9 Mask.
            • PDF Flyer Download: 


            K9 Mask - World's First Dog Pollution Design Mask for Dogs


            Patent Pending