K9 Mask® Dog Air Filter Face Mask for Dogs for Smoke, Dust, Ash, Pollen, Tear Gas, Red Tide, Chemicals, AllergensK9 Mask® Dog Air Filter Face Mask for Dogs for Smoke, Dust, Ash, Pollen, Tear Gas, Red Tide, Chemicals, Allergens
Dog Air Filter Mask

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Protect Your Pet

Protecting Your Dog's Health in an Air Pollution Crisis

Toxic air pollution can create short and long-term health problems for your dog. Our goal is to empower you with innovative air filter solutions to protect your pet in a crisis.

Protecting the Health of Your Pet

Our innovative air filters designed for dogs protect from wildfire smoke, volcanic ash, desert dust, chemicals, allergens, mold, pollen, soot, smog, ozone, and bacteria. K9 Mask® air filters for dogs are a premium solution for your pet's health. Proven safety in an air quality crisis.

K9 Mask® Dog Air Filter Face Mask for Dogs in Wildfire Smoke as Gas Mask
Dog Days
in Wildfire Smoke
Wildfire smoke is one of the most harmful threats to your dog's lung and heart health.
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Solving the Problem of Wildfire Smoke for Your Dog

Air pollution impacts the short and long-term health of pets. Wildfire smoke is a serious concern for the health of dogs in long-term exposure. K9 Mask® is a simple and effective way to protect a dog from wildfire smoke.

N95 Extreme Breathe K9 Mask®
Best Selling K9 Mask®
The best selling K9 Mask® to protect dogs from air pollution threats with N95, PM2.5, and Active Carbon air filters.

Customer Reviews


It is very comfortable, light weight, and easy to put on and take off.

Brooklyn, NY

Really outstanding K9 Mask! My dog's mask just arrived and I wanted to comment on how happy I am with it.

Eugene, OR

We live in an area where we have been evacuated twice from fires. We have been so concerned about our dogs being outside with so much smoke and ash. Just what we needed.

Santa Rosa, CA

The K9 Mask is well-made and is easy to use. I particularly like that the mask is re-usable with filter inserts. The double strap is a good feature to ensure fit.

Victoria BC, Canada

Well made. I also liked the video on getting your dog used to wearing the mask.

Cary, NC

Air Pollution Problems

What are the air pollution threats to people and pets in your location? Does your dog suffer from breathing these pollutants?

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Featured on Shark Tank

Entrepreneurs solve problems and provide solutions. The Good Air Team went into the Shark Tank in 2020 to present a solution to the problem of wildfire smoke and its health impact on dogs. We created the worlds first air filter mask specifically designed for dogs. Did we get a deal?

K9 Mask® seen on Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 6 in 2020

Season 12 Episode 6

As Seen on Shark Tank

"I think it’s a brilliant idea," says Mark Cuban. K9 Mask® was on Shark Tank in 2020 Season 12 Episode. ...read more.

Our Story

Kirby grew up traveling from Houston, Texas to Ojai, California to visit his grandparents during the summer. Unfortunately, wildfires would burn on the hills behind his grandparent's neighborhood. He was panicked looking at the hills where the flames snarled and firefighters battled the blazes. He dreaded the thought of something happening to ... read more.

Military, Police, Search and Rescue, Service Dogs Wear Air Filter Face Mask


Military Dog Masks

To solve the problem of chemical warfare there has always been adaptive mask innovation for service dogs in the military.

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Locally Made in USA

K9 Mask® by Good Air Team is designed in Austin and made in the USA. Every mask is handmade by craftspeople who care about the health of your pet. Thanks for supporting American manufacturing.

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