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About K9 Mask® by Good Air Team

K9 Mask® by Good Air Team is a new pet health solution to poor air quality. It is designed for dogs to protect them from air pollution, like  smoke from wildfires, dust storms, valley fever bacteria, ash from volcanic activity, mold from hurricanes, red tide toxins, chemicals, tear gas, and other situations which negatively affect the air we all breathe.

The K9 Mask® fits over a dog's snout, covering their nose and mouth, and is made from breathable, washable materials that allow the dog to breathe comfortably.

It is an innovative design that provides an added layer of protection for dogs and can help to improve their health and quality of life.


K9 Mask® is made in the USA and is the most effective air filter mask for dogs. It is a premium solution for your pet in an air pollution crisis.

K9 Mask® Features & Benefits

  • 95 PM2.5 "Extreme Breathe" filters 95% of non-oil based particulate air matter. 
  • PM 2.5 filters out the smallest toxic particles in the air (smaller than the width of a human hair - 2.5 microns) from getting into a dog's lungs and blood stream which can cause short and long-term health problems.
  • Activated Carbon filter layer bonds with harmful air molecules reducing toxins from entering a dog's blood stream. 
  • Panting Exhale Valve releases heat from panting to help cool the dog.  

Effective Mask Adjustments to Keep Air Pollution Out 

We are the only air filter for dogs with a neck and muzzle adjustment strap to ensure no polluted air leaks into the mask. Using the K9 Mask® muzzle adjustment under the snout of a dog a pet owner is able to adjust the tension on the mask to significantly reduce polluted air from leaking into the mask. This ensures only air passing through the air filter is being inhaled by the dog.  

K9 Mask® air filter dog mask sizing adjustment straps for muzzle fit

Replaceable Air Filters for Fresh Effective Filtering

We created one air filter mask for dogs with two different replaceable air filter options. Depending on the air quality crisis you may use the "Clean Breathe" or the "Extreme Breathe" air filter in your K9 Mask®. Read more in the FAQ about the difference in these two air filters. 

K9 Mask clean and extreme breathe air filter refill options

Visibility Safety in Low Light Conditions

Reflector panels on the sides of mask for dark or dimly lit environments to protect your pet in a crisis.

Washable Mask

The K9 Mask® is washable to remove slobber and dirt from outdoor use keeping the mask fresh.  

The K9 Mask® by Good Air Team offices are Austin, Texas and all of our manufacturing is done in Dallas, Texas. 

Every K9 Mask® is made by hand by craftsmen committed to helping you protect your pet from air pollution. Research and product testing is done by dogs we own and love. We are committed to caring for your pet like it is our own.

Patent Pending

Kirby and Evan on Shark Tank in 2020 Season 12 Episode 6

Kirby Holmes, co-owner and CEO of Good Air Team, grew up traveling to the city of Ojai in southern California from Texas to visit his grandparents during the summer. 

In those days there were wildfires which would burn on the hills around his grandparent's house. Kirby was panicked as a kid hearing the stories of the fires and looking at the hills where the flames snarled and firefighters battled the blazes. He dreaded the thought of something happening to his grandparents and their black lab named Sugar. 

Smoke from the Thomas Fire rises above Ojai. Photo by Stephanie O’Neill

With the recent intensity of wildfires on the West Coast Kirby began thinking about the need for people in California to use air filter face masks to protect themselves from wildfire smoke. 

It also occurred to him that dogs need to go outside for short walks to pee and poop during wildfire season, but how do dogs stay protected from breathing in toxic smoke? In his search for answers to this question he discovered there were no air filter masks for dogs. 

Smoke from Northern California Wildfires Creating Ash, Soot, and Toxic Air in 2020.

Kirby invited his cousin, Evan Daugherty, to join him on the Good Air Team to begin solving the problem of poor air quality for pets. Together they spent months developing prototypes and doing product testing. At the beginning of 2019 they competed a design for the world's first air filter mask for dogs.

They fully funded a Kickstarter Campaign in March of 2019 to begin production of K9 Mask®. 

Their goal is to empower dog owners to protect the short and long-term health of their pets with innovative air filter solutions. K9 Mask® protects dogs in wildfire smoke, dust storms, volcanic ash, tear gas, chemical spills, red tide brevotoxins, pollinating vegetation, allergies, bacteria, mold, and fungus. 

K9 Mask® by Good Air Team seeks to make the world a place where your pets can live happier and healthier lives by breathing better air. 



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K9 Mask Information Description Air Filter Mask for Dogs


Yes, K9 Mask® was on Shark Tank on ABC in 2020 during season 12 on episode 6. Read about what happened in the tank with the sharks: 

Questions about Ordering a K9 Mask® for a Dog

K9 Mask air filter for dogs in small medium large extra large

K9 Mask dog air filter sizing to fit your dog

Our K9 Mask® Sizing Chart will help you find the right size for your dog: 

We do not currently have K9 Mask® sizes for flat faced (Brachycephalic) dogs like (Pug, Pekingese, Bulldog, etc.). However, we continue our research and development to find solutions for these dog breeds.  


We created one K9 Mask® with two air filter options. Both air filter types fit into the same K9 Mask®. Each K9 Mask® comes with (3) air filters included. Additional (5) pack air filter refills are available for changing environmental air quality factors. 

Each air filter is rated for up to four (4) hours of total use before being changed to a fresh new filter for maximum effectiveness and safety.


What makes the 'Clean Breathe' Air Filters Unique? 

  • Best use in 'Moderate' to 'Unhealthy' AQI. 
  • Active Carbon filter bonds with air pollution molecules reducing toxins and ozone. 
  • PM10+ Large Particle filter captures dust, ash, lint, soot, and pollen. 
  • Reduces Ozone by 90%. 
  • Filters 99% of visible airborne particles. 
  • Longer wear time on a dog for 30 minutes with constant visual monitoring. 


What makes the 'Extreme Breathe' 95 PM2.5 Air Filters Unique? 

  • Best use in 'Unhealthy' to 'Hazardous' AQI. 
  • Optimal filtering up to 95% of non-oil based particulate matter. 
  • PM2.5 filters harmful toxic particles as small as 2.5
    microns in width like smoke, ash, dust, chemicals, allergens, pollen, soot, smog, and bacteria. 
  • Activated carbon filter bonds with pollution molecules reducing toxins and ozone. 
  • Reduces Ozone by 90%. 
  • Shorter wear time on a dog for 10 minutes with constant visual monitoring.

How to Use the K9 Mask® with Your Dog

The K9 Mask® uses air filter refills to ensure the effectiveness of the mask and air filter every use. Each air filter is rated for a total of 4 hours of use.  

To insert the air filter into the K9® Mask:

  • Open the zipper on the top of the mask. 
  • Insert the air filter into mask with the "dark" side on top and "white" side on the bottom. 
  • Place the curve edge of the filter facing the nose of the mask.
  • Insert the back corners of the air filter into the mask towards the neck straps. 
  • Align the air filter inside the mask so all edges of the air filter fit against the sides of the mask. 
  • Close the zipper on the mask.  


Watch the K9 Mask® Air Filter Insert Video Here: 

How to insert a K9 Mask® air filter refill into the dog mask for maximum effectiveness?


Training your dog to wear the K9 Mask® involves pairing a positive stimulus with wearing the mask.  

  • Present the mask to your dog and let the dog smell it. 
  • Try adding a snack treat inside the mask for your dog to sniff and retrieve. This process gives a positive reinforcement about the mask. 
  • Try putting the mask on your dog’s muzzle for a few seconds, while giving verbal affirmation to your dog, to acclimate it to the mask. 
  • Repeat this sequence several times, working towards securing the mask in place around the dog’s neck and muzzle using the hook and loop tabs. 
  • Provide positive verbal feedback to the dog about wearing the mask.
  • Be patient with your dog. This process might take 1-3 weeks.


Watch our K9 Mask® video for how to train your dog to wear the mask: 

K9 Mask® muzzle adjustment fit for air filter mask for dogs

K9 Masks® are very effective when worn properly.

Using the K9 Mask® muzzle adjustment, located on the bottom side of the mask, you are able to adjust the tension on the mask to significantly reduce polluted air from leaking into back side the mask. This ensures only fresh filtered air passing through the air filter is being inhaled by the dog.

WARNING: The K9 Mask® is designed for temporary use in a crisis only. We do not want to harm a dog in the process of trying to help a dog. 

Prolonged use can affect a dog's natural ability to cool itself through panting especially at temperatures of 80° (F) / 26° (C) or higher. This mask is intended to be used for a short duration and under close supervision. 

We recommend being cautious using the mask with "Extreme Breathe" air filters more than 10 minutes at a time. Also, be cautious using the mask with "Clean Breathe" air filters more than 30 minutes at a time. 

After 10 minutes (Extreme Breathe) or 30 minutes (Clean Breathe) you may remove the mask for several minutes to check the breathing and panting of your dog, and then continue wearing the K9 Mask® if the animal is not showing any signs of distress.

Always visually monitor your dog while wearing the K9 Mask®. If you notice labored breathing or signs of overheating remove the mask immediately. 

This mask may cause injury or death to your dog. Please consult your veterinarian about the health of your dog before using this air filter product.  

We recommend using each air filter up to four (4) hours.  

Just like an air filter in a home air conditioning unit needs to be replaced because dust, lint, debris, and tiny particles get trapped in the filter, a K9 Mask® air filter will need to be replaced. Depending on large particle air conditions, moisture levels, or excessive dirt in the filter it might be necessary to replace the K9 Mask® air filter sooner.

The K9 Mask® does work as a muzzle. This is a secondary purpose for the K9 Mask®. 

The primary function of the mask is to protect the dog from polluted air. However, the K9 Mask® functions to muzzle a dog from biting. During the anxiety of a wildfire, or other extreme weather events, dogs may become anxious. 

A dog wearing the K9 Mask® as a muzzle is useful to protect the dog and those around it in these environments.  

Yes, the exterior mask is washable.

The replaceable air filters, which you take in and out of the mask, are not washable. Dogs tend to slobber when breathing or panting so we designed the K9 Mask® to be washable to keep it fresh and clean for long-term use. 

  • Before washing the K9 Mask® remove the air filter. 
  • Wash in cold water with a mild detergent.
  • Hang to air dry.   

Concerns About Air Filter Masks for Dogs

Protecting your Dog During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The American Veterinary Medical Association notes that pets do not appear to be easily infected by COVID-19, with 65 testing positive for the disease in the United States. These numbers include four tigers and three lions at a zoo facility in New York in April, thirty-one pet cats, and twenty-three pet dogs. 

These scattered COVID-19 cases in pets, including a North Carolina pug, a Yorkie in Texas, and German Shepherd in New York, are giving many dog and cat owners pause. The CDC recently updated its guidance for pet owners in light of these cases — although it is still not recommending routine testing for pets. 

“We don’t want people to panic. We don’t want people to be afraid of pets” or to rush to test them en masse, CDC official Dr. Casey Barton Behravesh told the AP. “There’s no evidence that pets are playing a role in spreading this disease to people.” 

Still, the sick pets (which are expected to fully recover) refueled fears over whether people infected with the virus could pass the illness onto their four-legged friends, or that they could catch the virus from them in turn.  


Read our complete article and FAQ about dogs and the coronavirus here:

We know a dog needs to pant in order to cool itself. We use a panting exhale valve on the K9 Mask® to release heat from the mask.

Getting a properly sized K9 Mask® for your dog is important. A mask which is too small for your dog will not allow the dog to pant. If your dog is in between sizes we recommend you get a larger size to ensure the dog is able to pant while wearing the mask. 

We also provide guidelines for limiting the wear time in the mask so a dog does not over heat because of over activity or high temperatures. Remember, the K9 Mask® is to be used in a crisis situation not a casual one.  

Please read all of our warnings, product descriptions, and packaging before using this on your dog. We want to empower pet owners to care for their pets, not harm them. We understand there is a risk of harming a dog by putting a mask over its mouth and nose.  

There is a concern putting an air filter mask on a dog will suffocate the animal. While it is possible that some dogs with respiratory problems or old age will struggle to breathe in a mask with an air filter, most healthy dogs will be able to breathe in a mask for short durations of time. 

The K9 Mask® is meant to be used in a crisis situation, not casually. We recommend not wearing an Extreme Breathe N95 air filter mask on a dog for longer than 10 minutes. However, our Clean Breathe active carbon air filters may be worn up to 30 minutes.

This is usually enough time for a dog to go outside in an air quality crisis to go to the bathroom. We also advise dog owners to constantly visually monitor their pet to watch for labored breathing. If a dog is experiencing labored breathing or heaving remove the mask immediately.

Yes, we know a dog uses its nose to navigate the world. The K9 Mask® is meant for use in an air pollution crisis, and not for casual use. It is a protective device for serious air quality concerns which negatively affect the health of a dog. 

We know a dog does not want to wear an air filter mask. As many people have discovered recently, wearing an air filter mask can be uncomfortable. 

People and pets will probably never like wearing a mask. But, we do it for safety and protection knowing that our short and long-term health is more important than our immediate comfort.


Use our video training guide tips to introduce the mask to your dog and prepare them to wear it in when a crisis happens. 


K9 Mask® is a relatively new product, and its effectiveness has not been extensively studied by veterinary professionals. However, many veterinarians have shown interest in K9 Mask® as a potential solution for protecting dogs from air pollutants and allergens.

It is always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before using any new product on your pet, especially if your pet has any underlying health conditions or respiratory issues.

Your veterinarian can provide you with personalized advice on whether K9 Mask® is a suitable option for your dog, based on their individual health status, lifestyle, and environment. They may also be able to recommend other strategies for protecting your pet's respiratory health.

In general, it's always a good idea to take proactive steps to protect your dog's health, and K9 Mask® can be a valuable tool in achieving this goal.

We are in conversations with the Texas A&M University and University of Missouri Small Animal Clinical Sciences Departments about the needs for dogs to be protected from air pollution threats. There is agreement that an air filter mask for dogs has benefits in certain environments. There is also agreement about the warnings for putting a mask on a dog, especially about oxygenation and overheating. 

We are pursuing a grant proposal for further research about the functional abilities and tolerances for dogs using a wearable air filter mask. As progress is made in this independent research, we will update our website.


Yes, the K9 Mask® Air Filters have been independently certified by an independent laboratory to test for filtration effectiveness. 

You may review the results of these air filter efficiency tests using the following links.


Learn More: K9 Mask® Air Filtration Test with ISO 16890 Results 


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