K9 Mask® on Shark Tank

K9 Mask Air Filter Face Mask for Dogs on Shark Tank

K9 Mask® on 2020 Shark Tank Season 12, Episode 6

K9 Mask® by Good Air Team is empowering pet owners to protect their pets from air pollution. We want to make the world a place where pets can live healthier lives by breathing better air in a crisis.

Are Air Filter Dog Masks the Next Big Thing?


The K9 Mask® air filter for dogs protects them from air pollution like smoke from wildfires, volcanic ash, dust, chemicals, bacteria and toxic air. Our vision is to provide all pets clean air in a crisis through innovative air filtration solutions.

Comments During the "Shark Tank" Episode:

Lori says: "I love that you created this."

K9 Mask® Air Filter for Dog on Shark Tank on ABC

Mark Cuban: "I think it’s a brilliant idea. It’s a great execution."

As entrepreneurs we invested $7,000 into our business to get it started. We also used crowd funding through Kickstarter to raise another $10,000 for our initial production of K9 Mask®. This $17,000 investment resulted in over $250,000 in revenue in our first 18 months. 

Globally people are embracing the usefulness of an air filter mask for environmental crisis. We need to continue educating consumers about air filter solutions for dogs. We are also talking with research institutions (Texas A&M University and University of Missouri) about getting independent research testing done to help veterinarians become familiar with air filter innovation for dogs.

K9 Mask® dog air filters have been certified by Blue Heaven Technologies in Louisville, Kentucky, USA with an ISO 16890 Air Filter Test. This is a summary of the test results: K9 Mask® ISO 16890 Filtration Test Results

Kirby Holmes K9 Mask® by Good Air Team

Blake asks: "How much does it cost to make?"

We do all of our manufacturing in the USA by craftsmen in Dallas, Texas. The cost of our labor is more expensive than in other parts of the world. The features of the mask, which make it the most effective dog air filter available, also contributes to a higher price for the product.

Our first business objective was to prove there is a market for an air filter for dogs. We have accomplished this goal. Now, we are finding ways to lower the cost for us to manufacture and our customers to purchase.

Blake Comments:

"I love the part of your story where you are seeing what people are searching for but now more than ever people are searching for masks." 

K9 Mask® Air Filter for Dogs on Shark Tank on ABC

How did each Shark tell us they were "out"

Blake Mycoskie: "I love where your heart’s at. I have four dogs myself and I would do anything to protect them in a challenging situation."

Lori Greiner: "For me this is just too niche, so I wish you good luck, but I am out."

Kevin O’Leary: "No."

Mark Cuban: "It’s a good product, like I said earlier, the real problem I have is that the sales aren’t enough. So for those reasons I’m out."

Shark Tank K9 Mask Daymond John

We get a deal with Daymond John:

Daymond: "I think what everyone is saying is $200,000 in sales isn’t horrible, I mean it’s proof of concept and it shows that there is a need, but I’m going to make you an offer. The deal is $200,000 dollars for 45%. I’m only asking 45% so that you guys maintain the majority of the company."

In our negotiation with Daymond John he moves our starting offer of $200,000 for 20% of our company to 45%. We counter with 30%, which he rejects. We counter with 40% for $200,000.

Daymond: "Alright you got a deal."

Mark Cuban: "Nice job guys." 

Lori: "Congrats guys."  


K9 Mask Size Chart for Dog Fit Air Face Mask

K9 Mask® Custom Color Air Pollution Dog Mask