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    K9 Mask Pure Air X-1 Worlds First Dog Pollution Mask

    K9 Mask in Modern Dog Magazine - Cool New Product

    K9 Mask® Dog Pollution Masks

    The Good Air Team started in 2015. We created an educational website about the dangers of global air pollution and the solution of wearing a pollution air mask. At the time we recognized many urban dwellers preferred to accessorize their style with fashionably designed air pollution masks. was started to protect people from pollution using trendy designs for air masks. Watching trends in global air quality and new solutions for this growing problem we realized pets were being left out of the conversation.

    In the summer of 2017, fires across the United States sparked a panic for people and their pets to be protected from the harmful affects of smoke. Air pollution face masks for people were selling at 8X the normal rate. 

    Air Pollution Mask for Pets - K9 Dog Air Filter from K9 Mask® on Vimeo.

    Unfortunately, no one found a way to protect their dogs and pets from the choking smoke. The Good Air Team is solving this problem by providing your pets with an alternative to poor air quality. We are innovating air filter muzzle masks for your dogs.

    We seek to make the world a place where your pets can live happier and healthier lives by breathing better air. To achieve this vision, we strive to empower you as a dog owner to provide clean air through innovative products.

    Shop in our K9 Mask® store to find a dog pollution mask for your pet. Each K9 Mask® is washable with replaceable air filters. We have four sizes with adjustable fitting neck and muzzle sizing. Each air filter is N95 rated with PM2.5 air filters including activated carbon to protect your pet from the harmful pollutants found in the air. We are committed to protecting your pet from air pollution.

    Evan Daugherty and Kirby Holmes are co-owners of the Good Air Team. Evan is a veteran product designer with experience in digital media and technology UX (User Experience). Kirby is a global leader serving in international non-profits. Together they form a team with high capacity engineering and people focused solutions.

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