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K9 Mask® Good Air Team Kirby Holmes and Evan Daugherty
Kirby and Evan on Shark Tank in 2020 Season 12 Episode 6

K9 Mask® by Good Air Team

Kirby Holmes, co-owner and CEO of Good Air Team, grew up traveling from Texas to the city of Ojai in southern California to visit his grandparents during the summer.

In those days there were wildfires that would burn on the hills around his grandparent's house. Kirby was panicked as a kid hearing the stories of the fires and looking at the hills where the flames snarled and firefighters battled the blazes. He dreaded the thought of something happening to his grandparents and their black lab named Sugar.

Kirby Ojai California Story

Walking Dogs During Wildfires

With the recent intensity of wildfires on the West Coast, Kirby noticed baseball fans at a San Francisco Giants game wearing air filter masks in the stadium to protect themselves from the smoke. This was about the same time the Camp fire near Paradise, California killed close to 100 people and stranded 100+ pets as a result of the devastating fire.

Ojai Fires

Smoke from the Thomas Fire rises above Ojai. Photo by Stephanie O’Neill

It occurred to him that dogs need to go outside for short bathroom breaks and walks during wildfire season, but how do dogs stay protected from breathing in toxic smoke? In his search for answers to this question he discovered there were no air filter masks for dogs to protect them from the harmful smoke.

Northern California Wildfire Ash and Smoke Affecting Dogs

Northern California Wildfires Creating Ash, Soot, and Toxic Air in 2020.

Founding a Family Business

Kirby invited his cousin, Evan Daugherty, to join him on the Good Air Team to begin solving the problem of poor air quality for pets. Together they spent months developing prototypes and doing product testing. At the beginning of 2019 they completed a design for the world's first air filter mask for dogs. They fully funded a Kickstarter Campaign in March of 2019 to begin production of K9 Mask®.

K9 Mask® Dog Face Mask on Kickstarter

Innovative Air Filter Solutions for Pets

The goal is to empower dog owners to protect the short and long-term health of pets with innovative air filter solutions. K9 Mask® protects dogs in wildfire smoke, dust storms, volcanic ash, tear gas, chemical spills, red tide brevetoxins, pollinating vegetation, allergies, bacteria, mold, and fungus.

K9 Mask air filter respirator for dogs in smoke, gas, dust, ash, chemicals and tear gas

High Capacity Team for Solutions

Kirby and Evan are both Texas natives and long-time Austin residents. Kirby attended Texas Tech University and Evan attended Texas State University. Evan is a veteran product designer who works at Dell Technologies with experience in digital media and technology UX (User Experience). Kirby is a global leader serving in local and in international non-profit organizations with experience managing manufacturing sales representatives. Together they form a team with high capacity and people-focused solutions, especially people with pets.

K9 Mask dog air filter respirator solves problem of wildfire smoke for pets

Dogs Breathing Better

K9 Mask® by Good Air Team seeks to make the world a place where your pets can live happier and healthier lives by breathing better air.