Train Your Dog to Wear the Moda Muzzle

The Moda Muzzle is effective when worn properly. Allow a dog to smell and explore the muzzle before wearing. Use the adjustable neck strap to secure the mask on the dog.

Moda Muzzle Professional Groomers, Trainers, Dog Owners Soft Mesh Muzzle

Use the adjustment hook and loop, plus sliding strap, on the top of the muzzle to adjust the tension for preventing biting, and restricting barking. Expand the muzzle adjustments for panting, drinking, and feeding treats.

Dog Muzzle Excellence

Moda muzzle ensures both comfort and safety during grooming, training, and transporting a dog. It is an essential tool for professional groomers, dog trainers and pet owners. It ensures a safe and controlled environment for pets and people. The innovative design is stylish, durable, and comfortable.

Moda Muzzle Soft Mesh Muzzle for Pros Durable Comfort Soft Grooming, Training, Handling Dog