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    What is the best Air Filter Mask for Dogs on Amazon?

    What is the Best Air Filter Face Mask for Dogs on Amazon?

    K9 Mask Compare Review Dog Mask on Amazon Today there are only two choices for an air filter masks for dogs. The original K9 Mask® made in Austin, Texas, USA or a more recent product made in China. Both are being sold on Amazon. But, which one is better?

    Air filter masks for dogs are a recently new product for dog owners to protect their pets from wildfire smoke, urban smog, desert dust, bacteria, mold, and other toxins. Air pollution is a growing problem with new weather patterns which are creating a drier climate in some areas and wetter climate in others. 

    Compare Air Filter Masks for Dogs Sold on Amazon

    dog maskThis quick video overview will show you some of the similarities and differences between the K9 Mask® and the others: AUOKOR, tchrules, and PeSandy. All three of these Chinese made masks are made by one manufacturer and then branded by different companies. They are one-time use disposable masks. This video review will help you discover for yourself the features and benefits of these various air pollution masks for dogs. The goal is to help dog owners protect their pet from air pollution. Dog Masks:

    • Chinese made.
    • Elastic neck strap easily removed by dog.
    • No muzzle fit adjustment on the snout which allows polluted air to leak into mask.
    • One-time use disposable filter.
    • One filter material type.
    • Low quality manufacturing.

    K9 Mask® Air Filter for Dogs:

    • USA Made
    • Comfort fit secure adjustable hook and loop neck strap.
    • Adjustable under muzzle hook and loop strap for custom fit on snout to allow for panting and protection against polluted air entering the back side of the mask.
    • Washable mask with replacement air filter refills.
    • Two air filter options - “Clean Breathe” and N95 “Extreme Breathe” for various air quality environments and variable wear times.
    • Reflective panel for visibility in low-light situations.
    • Custom colors available.
    • Hand-made high quality craftsmanship.

    [YouTube] Compare K9 Mask (Made in America) with other Asian made Dog Air Filter Masks

    K9 Air Pollution Gas Filter Mask for Dogs