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    1% of K9 Mask® Profit is Donated to Austin Pets Alive!

    Austin is proudly the largest and longest running No Kill city in the nation thanks to a groundbreaking and unique partnership between Austin Pets Alive! and the city’s municipal shelter, Austin Animal Center.

    K9 Mask® is partnering with Austin Pets Alive! to pioneer innovative lifesaving programs designed to save the animals most at risk of euthanasia.

    We are donating 1% of our profit to promote and provide resources, education, and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals through Austin Pets Alive!.

    When You Buy a K9 Mask® you Protect a Pet

    Austin Pets Alive! No Kill Pet Rescue

    Austin Pets Alive! began when vulnerable, homeless pets truly needed us the most. When it was first imagined, Austin had a kill-rate of 87% – today, they have a save-rate of 97%. Through hardships, they found inspiration; and through this inspiration, have saved animal's lives. Learn more about their journey to becoming - and maintaining their status as – the largest No Kill city in the country.

    80,000 Pets Lives Saved Since 2008

    9,456 Pet Adoptions in 2019

    98% Live Release Rate for the City of Austin

    In 2008, Austin Pets Alive! embarked on a bold and aggressive initiative to make Austin a No Kill city as fast as humanly possible. APA! began building the resources needed to create a “safety net” for the homeless pets that were dying at the Austin City Shelter. By looking at the reasons why animals were killed in the shelter, APA! created specific lifesaving programs that addressed those issues head-on. Just three years later in 2011, Austin hit a 90% save rate and was up to 98% by 2017!

    Learn More: AustinPetsAlive.org 

    K9 Mask® Partnership with Austin Pets Alive! No Kill Shelter