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        Air Pollution Dog Blog — air pollution mask for dogs

        New Research Reveals People with COVID Can Infect Their Pets

        Dogs Infection Rate and Research Contact with Humans 2021

        If you think you have COVID-19, it might be best to stay away from your pets, says the author of a Dutch study that found a surprising number of dogs and cats may be getting infected.

        "About one out of five pets will catch the disease from their owners," said Dr Els Broens of Utrecht University in the Netherlands, although there are no known cases of the disease spreading from pets to humans.

        "Luckily, the animals do not get very ill from it."

        In Broens' study, presented this week in a paper at the European Congress of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, 156 dogs and 154 cats from 196 households were tested in homes where humans were known to have had a coronavirus infection.

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        Should a Dog Wear an Air Filter Face Mask for Air Pollution?

        Is it Safe for a Dog to Wear an Air Filter Face Mask?

        Many pet owners are asking questions about the safety of a dog wearing an air filter face mask. Can a dog wear an air filter mask? Is it safe? What are the warnings? What are the benefits? These are important questions with increasing air pollution problems from wildfire smoke, desert dust, volcanic ash, red tide, and mold from hurricanes. 

        Do Air Filter Face Masks for Dogs Exist?

        Yes, K9 Mask® launched a Kickstarter campaign in March of 2019 for the first production of an air filter mask for dogs. The campaign was fully funded and the first masks were produced in the summer of 2019. All of this happened before the coronavirus pandemic. K9 Mask® by Good Air Team first saw the need to protect dogs from wildfire smoke in California. After the destruction caused by the Camp and Paradise wildfires in 2018 they knew something had to be done to solve the problem of air pollution affecting pets.

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        Why is California Expecting an Extreme 2021 Wildfire Season?

        Why is California Expecting an Extreme 2021 Wildfire Season?
        As California and the West are falling deeper into drought and, with summer approaching, there is great potential for another severe fire season in 2021.

        As a disappointing wet season comes to a close and hope for spring rain fades, conditions are worse now than they were at this time last year in 2020, with exceptional and extreme drought now found throughout the region.

        In California, that doesn’t bode well, given that last year’s more moderate rainfall deficits, combined with extreme heat waves, ushered in a record-setting fire year. It brought 5 of the 6 largest fires in modern state history, 10,488 destroyed structures and 33 fatalities. Some 4.2 million acres were torched.

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        Retail Ready Packaging Helps K9 Mask® on Shark Tank

        Retail Ready Packaging Helps K9 Mask® on Shark Tank

        It’s always pretty cool to see your product on TV. So when Roastar customer K9 Mask® appeared on Shark Tank recently, we thought it would be fun to sit down and talk packaging and hear about their entrepreneurial journey, and Kirby Holmes was kind enough to do so.

        OK, Shark Tank. Congratulations! And how cool was that? 

        What a remarkable experience to go from an idea to a product to a pandemic to jumping in the Tank. What a wild experience for us. Things weren’t looking too good at first but it all came together at the end. 

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        What You Need to Know About Wildfire Smoke for Your Pet

        What You Need to Know About Wildfire Smoke for Your Pet

        What is in wildfire smoke? With the increase in wildfire smoke along the West Coast people and pets need to consider the dangers of inhaling the smoke...but why? What is in the smoke?

        Watch this SciShow news about wildfire smoke to better understand the threat of smoke to you and your pets. If you have a dog then you know most dogs need to go outside to pee and poop several times a day. For this reason the K9 Mask® is available as an air filter mask to protect your dog from air pollution threats found in wildfire smoke. 


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