K9 Mask Healthy Pet Pavilion Fit Expo 2023 Dog Air Filter Respirator

K9 Mask® at Fit Expo Healthy Pet Pavilion 2023

K9 Mask® participated in the 2023 Fit Expo in Los Angeles at the Healthy Pet Pavilion area of the exhibition. The father and daughter duo of Kirby and Hannah Holmes were presenting a solution for dogs in toxic air quality environments to breathe better by wearing a K9 Mask®.

 K9 Mask Fit Expo 2023 Healthy Pet Pavilion Dog Face Smoke Dust Ash Wildfire

The K9 Mask® crew talked to hundreds of people who were curious about how an air filter mask for dogs could help them keep their pet safe from wildfire smoke. There was a special interest from those living in the California Bay Area, Tahoe Region, and Central Valley. All of these regions have sustained issues with air quality related to wildfires. The air quality index in these areas from summer to late fall are consistently in the danger zone of safety for people and pets.

Unfortunately, the whole Pacific Northwest is suffering from the results of increased wildfires affecting larger populations of people. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, and Montana are also longer periods of sustained wildfire smoke lingering in large population urban areas.

K9 Mask® air filters for dogs are a solution to a crisis air quality event. When the air outside is hard to breathe for a person, then it is also hard to breathe for an animal. Be aware of the air quality near you by checking the Air Quality Index or AQI on your weather app. You will notice these readings provide helpful information about the dangers of the current air quality which might impact the health of your pet.

Thanks Fit Expo for having us in California to support healthy canine living with the growing threat of wildfire smoke in the area.

K9 Mask air filter face smoke mask for California wildfires

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