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    K9 Mask Sales and Distribution

    Distribution Sales Opportunities

    If you are interested in distribution and retail sales of K9 Mask® products please contact us with your name, phone number, website, and any comments about your distribution channel or retail store.

    Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

    Amazon affiliate marketing is available to anyone wanting to earn money promoting pet products and the K9 Mask on their website, blog, or internet channel. Sign up to create your Amazon Affiliate Account. Using your unique Amazon Affiliate links you will be able to earn money promoting K9 Masks on your website or internet channel. Promote healthy choices for dog owners while earning money.

    You will be able to create shopping links to K9 Mask® products like these and earn money every time someone clinks on your link to buy products on Amazon.


    Email: Info @

    Phone: (877) DOG-MASK = (877) 364 - 6275 

    How can I share K9 Mask® information with other people?

    • Share with people who you believe need to be informed about the need to protect dogs from air pollution. You can advocate for the health of dogs by sharing the good news about the K9 Mask®.
    • PDF Flyer Download: 
    K9 Mask Information about Dog Air Filters Information about K9 Dog Pollution Air Filter Masks

    Air Pollution Mask for Pets - K9 Dog Air Filter from K9 Mask® on Vimeo.


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