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    We are now sealing the panting exhaust valve to the K9 Mask. It will no longer be removable. The K9 Mask is still washable with the valve on the mask. Wash in cold water and hang to dry.

    How to Remove and Install Black Panting Exhaust Valve on a K9 Mask?

    K9 Mask Replacement Exhaust Valve Instructions


    To Remove Exhaust Valve:

    Start by holding the valve on the outside of the mask in one hand. With your other hand reach inside the mask and grab the center handle of the valve. Turn the valve on the inside of the mask counter clockwise to release it from the front of the valve.

    To Reinstall or Replace Exhaust Valve: 

    Place the front of the valve on the front of the mask over the opening in the nose. On the inside of the mask insert the back of the valve onto the front valve by aligning the open tabs on the front valve with the extended plastic tabs on back of the valve. Twist the back of the valve on the inside of the mask clockwise to lock the valve into place.

    With a little patience you will be able to insert the air filter into the zipper pouch and smooth all of the air filter against the edges of the mask. Successfully completing this process will ensure your dog is breathing purified air through the air filter in the K9 Mask.

    Can I wash the K9 Mask? 

    • Before washing the K9 Mask remove the air filter. The mask may be washed in cold water with detergent and then hang to air dry. 

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